Scraping The Grinder LP

"Aeroplane Dope - Scraping The Grinder LP" 
Official LP Release Date 22.06.09 
on Eight:FX (Formerly Aphex Records)  
Catalogue Number: AR 022  
Available at the Following:

Scraping The Grinder LP complete! Its been 2 years in the making, but its finally here and ready for the shelves. The debut LP from Aeroplane Dope is made up of a collection of Dubstep moods and grooves along with two Drum and Bass anthems to take you into 2009.

Entitled 'Scraping The Grinder' to express Aeroplane Dope's and seemingly Dubstep's want to act against the the grain of today's modern, busy and stressful lifestyle. As well as delving into issues close to Aeroplane Dope's own ideologies. Tracks such as 'Mother Earth' explore issues around the environment and how people live their lives. With references to his home town and own experiences, for Aerpolane Dope this album is a soundscape to his life and his attitudes towards living and the world around him. The album also sees Aeroplane Dope collaborate with the likes of Bristol based Producer, Bad Chemistry, for their track 'Dead Dog', presenting a chilling Dubstep rhythm, with the album picking up and slowing down in pace to create a flowing, rolling continious piece that peaks at uptempo, intense Drum and Bass while slowing the pace for relaxing, grooving Dubstep beats.  

This LP is just the tip of the Iceberg of whats in store for future releases from Aeroplane Dope with future releases to include more Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Breaks, Reggae, Ska, House and Electro. Get in!

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