New Album out now!

Hi All,

So its been a long time since I updated this blog or released any music, but the wait is over, this year is going to be a busy one.

Starting off with a new Plain Dope release but something totally different from before, The Megadubbers (formerly Mega Dub but had to change names for Copyright reasons) is a blend of Rock, Rap, Reggae, Ska and Punk where I co-wrote and sing the songs as well as some of the rapping. The recordings were originally from 2011 however we never had the funds to get the album to the stage which it is at now until recently and so without further ado, please enjoy 'Better Late than Never" via the link below.
The Megadubbers - Better Late Than Never

New remix on Free Download single by 'East Trade'

I was set a challenge to do a remix in 1 week, so here is the result. Get it here and now for free >

New releases on 'Plain Dope' (PDR004 & PDR005)

Its been a few months since my last post but things are going to start picking up in pace now. Plain Dope's official website is under construction and the next two releases are now in online stores worldwide. Please have a listen below.

Aeroplane Dope Dubstep Masterclass

A little while back I ran the Aeroplane Dope Dubstep Masterclass @ 2FunkyArts for youths interested in producing their own tracks or getting some professional hints and tips on releasing music. Click on the link for more info > 2FunkyArts

We Are Mud Vol.3 (Free Compilation Album)

In Feb 2012, The MUD collective have done it again with their third compilation album of raw and eclectic, electronic based music. My track titled '808 Rhapsody' was featured on the album and it is free to download. As always, this latest edition from The MUD collective is only the finest cuts and eclectic sounds from independent artists across the globe.

Download 'We Are Mud Volume 3' Here!

New Music Video for 'Amithabh Buchan - Rang Barse' Aeroplane Dope Remix by Altronix

We Are Mud Vol.2 (Free Compilation Album)

In November 2011, The MUD collective released their second compilation album of raw and eclectic, electronic based music. My track titled 'Nu Mostre' was featured on the album and it is free to download. I strongly recommend the album to anyone as it is absolutely stunning.

Friction Lab exclusive, free download!

I was given the challenge of creating a remix in 7 days for Bobby Friction's Friction Lab on the BBC Asian Network and here is the resulting track. Please download, share and enjoy!

Plain Dope PDR003 - 'Pinky Finger' Single, out on 15/04/11, listen to it here!

Things have been fairly quiet at Plain Dope Records recently but later this summer, things are going to get a lot more active. To ease us into this transition, PDR003 is a Drum & Bass single with two exclusive remixes from 'Mental Martians' - 'Piyush Bhatnagar' and 'Sickflip'. Enjoy and if you like it, don't forget that it will be available in most good online music shops from april 15th 2011 for around £0.79 per track.